What do you think? I’ve decided to make this blog the #1 resource for guest bloggers starting on 25th November 2011. I guest postinghope you enjoy the tips coming your way.

I wouldn’t pride myself at being a guest posting guru, but I’ve written well over 200 quality guest posts within 6 months of launching my blog. It’s like a journey that never ends. There is so much to learn and I’m glad I dedicated time to making it work. I’ve built strong relationships with blog owners making it easier to get my guest articles published within 7 days.

Do you want to increase your blog traffic?

I’m about to share my instant traffic systems with you. These tips are guaranteed to bring you influx of free web traffic.

But you need to do three things. They are: Discover. Understand. Implement.

If you’re ready like I am, let’s dive in and get ‘em listed.

1.Write a Tutorial:

There are beginners who are searching the web right now. No matter the niche you’re in, you can attract those desperate “green leafs” and profit with them.

Links are the currency of the web. …{Brian Clark}

If you know how to build the right links, you may as well dictate what happens in your business in terms of targeted traffic and sales.

Are you a link building expert?

Well, you may think there is something unique about these so-called experts. I know that some of them knows their onion when it comes to helping clients. I’m not against them and needless to say, I’m good at link building.

There are things you can do to supercharge your blog and corporate websites and become an authority.

Want to increase your web traffic for free?

I’ve listed 20 amazing ways to get traffic. Some of these methods would be new to you, while majority would be entirely new. All in all, you’re going to enjoy it.

1. Have a simple U.R.L – Your URL should be simple, easy to memorize and spell. Once it’s simple like this, your direct traffic would increase ultimately.

2. Register More Domain Names – You’ll discover that people make mistakes when searching for your website. You should register those domain names, to redirect every accidental traffic. For instance, and

I’m glad you finally made it to this post. I want to talk about an amazing link building system I discovered.

It’s called Automatic Backlink Creator.” But let me start by asking you these questions:

  • Do you want to build backlinks faster?
  • Do you want to raise your pagerank faster?
  • Do you want to attract targeted traffic without biting your finger?

I’m sure you’re nodding your head like a baby. Lol!

So how do you build backlinks without spending your precious time searching for quality and relevant links?

The common link building strategies you have been taught includes:

Looking for more web site traffic?
You’re not alone. Every internet marketer knows the importance of generating the right traffic to her website or blog. I know you would like to increase your website traffic even now and that is what is post is all about. Stick around and learn. The knowledge you would gain here isn’t going to be instant or overnight miracle but it will definitely increase your bottomline.