Want to know the reason why your blog is dormant?

I mean, you only attract few traffic or none at all.

Everyone has been there before, my blog never got any tangible visitors until I changed my thoughts and actions. Blogging has a lot to do with your state of mind.

I know what I’m talking about and in this post, I make it a lot easier.

If you can change your thoughts, your life, blog traffic and overall money making adventure would change for real.

This blog is kind of motivational, so get ready to TAKE ACTION!

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I recently started a job as an online marketing specialist with hardly any knowledge about SEO and other online marketing strategies.

My first assignment was to find three bloggers to write a guest post for. The topic was sun safety and I had to find blogs and website where a guest post like this would be appropriate.

Being new to the blogging world, I started where every amateur would begin, Google. I started by searching under the blog tab, but wasted a lot of time running into blogs and sites that were no longer being maintained or appeared to be spam.

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The idea to start blogging might vary according to the individuals. Some people will start blogging just to have a pass time and to share the knowledge that they had acquired.

Most of the business men would like to start blogging to enhance their business to the next level. Can you believe that blogs can help you to increase the customer base and client base?

The blogs will help you to engage in direct conversation with your customers and provides an easy channel to spread the news about your products and services.

Here is an insight into your goals vs objectives for serious bloggers.

If you’re like most people, you have good thoughts about making millions on day. I’m optimistic too and I don’t know how much joy would spring forth within my spirit when I finally make my first $1,000,000 from my blog.

Is it really possible to make money $1M from blogging? Well, I think it’s possible but not the way you see it. Some top bloggers make that much and if DECIDE to join the club of money makers, you need to understand your goals vs objectives and balance both.