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Headline Writing: 4 + 1 Smart Ways To Write Clickable Headlines

 “Get in or you’d lose out!”      Write clickable headlines

That was the headline I read in a trade magazine a week ago.

The day was Saturday and as usual, I was with my family in our big house.

Even though I don’t live with them again, I still make out time to catch up with some family gossip. Lol!

The headline above got me thinking – get in or you’d lose it.

You already know that the headline is the most important element in content marketing.

No matter the content type you’re assigned to, you need to get the headline right or lose out.

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Six Steps To Solve Readers’ Problems With Content Marketing

You’re a solution to your readers, right?   solve a problem

As a blogger, one of the fundamental truths is that you must solve a problem.  

It’s almost become a cliché, because we hear the same advice even from newbie & pro bloggers.

But no one seems to clarify the whole “solve a problem” phrase.

Oftentimes, it may seem as though you’re not solving a problem with your blog posts. Because you’re kind of confused.

This can be a nightmare and I’ve decided to address it today.

The question my subscribers ask me time and again is, “how can I solve my readers’ problem?”

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Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Writers, You’re The Best!

Do you find yourself struggling to write?    Writers comparison

I think I know the problem – but I don’t think it’s a BIG problem as such. In fact, you could get rid of it today.

Stop comparing yourself to other writers. It’s evil and would only drain you.

Yes, I know some writers who are cute, but that doesn’t necessitate comparison.

I discovered a few years ago that bloggers and content marketers are so worried about their writing.

They keep complaining that they’re not as good as someone else?

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10 SEO Secrets To Dominate Google Firstpage With Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best SEO answer. I’d explain… dominate Google

In this article, I want to share with you the 10 secrets to dominate Google homepage with content marketing.

Forget the hype and rumor flying around the web, improving your ranking isn’t that difficult.

We’ve been fed with lies that search engine optimization is difficult and takes a lot of time to work.

For over 6 months, I’ve been living with this marketing gimmick, thinking it’s the reality.

On the surface, some SEO advice can seem helpful, but it’s truly killing us.

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Write Epic Shit: Step By Step Tutorial For Content Writers

Write epic shit!     Write epic contents tutorials

It’s the hot phrase online? I first heard about it from Corbett Carr ( and since that time, it’s stuck to my brain. Funny, isn’t it?

Although, a lot of content writers and internet marketers use that phrase every now and then, most don’t even know what it means.

The harsh truth is, Google might not consider your blog a resource, if all you do is regurgitate ideas, write a 500 words articles and call it a day.

You need to create epic content that can take your site to the next level.

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14 Content Marketing Tips You May Have Neglected Since 2011

I wrote this from my heart, you’ve got to read it now.    content-marketing-tips

When I was 14 years old, my mom gave me a piece of advice, which I’ll never forget in a hurry. “Keep things simple,” she said.

Most often, we chase after shadows thinking that guest posting, tweeting, sharing is all that we need to grow a successful blog, but it’s not always the case.

Do this: Audit your blog, revamp the design and content, and build a business around it. Simple!

If you’re a content marketer, one thing is certain, you want your content to be read, liked and distributed across the web.

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