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Grow Your Organic CTR by up to 300%, in 3 Easy Steps

We all know the unwritten rule of the internet: if it’s not on the first page of Google search, it doesn’t exist. In fact, 95% of searchers won’t go further than page 1 on Google. That leaves only 5% of traffic to all the websites that didn’t make it to the top 10 search results.

Yet, ranking high on Google search doesn’t necessarily mean that people will click your link.

We at Chanty have been through a lot trying to build our SaaS startup from scratch (and getting it in front of the prospective customers) for the last couple of years. So, we know a thing or two about digital marketing and, especially, SEO.

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5 Ways Technology Changed Content Marketing

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Content is king. But if you’re only worried about getting words on the page, you are overlooking major elements to supplement those words.

Technology and other forms media are helping to revamp ineffective content into incredibly engaging content for your readers and customers. By and large, technology has accelerated content marketing in that it helps generate more leads, website traffic, and therefore sales.

Without certain technologies to boost content with key aspects of reader engagement, content falls flat and your efforts are wasted, rather than focusing it elsewhere.   

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5 Content Marketing Strategies to Leverage When Your Content Fails

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What if your content doesn’t pan out as expected? Is there anything you can do about it?

You can bet on that. Several studies have shown that 9% of companies believe that their content is very effective in driving the marketing efforts. While 41% believe that the content helps them moderately, only 1% say content marketing is not at all effective!

It is evident that the content is a crucial factor in marketing and growing the business.

But what if all the efforts fail? Are there any strategies that an organization can follow to gain the traction again? Yes, surely there are some content marketing maneuvers you can try which we will discuss in this post.

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3 Easy-to-fix Errors Killing Your Content Marketing Right Now


Content marketing is a widely popular part of a solid inbound marketing strategy.

Most brands use inbound marketing techniques to accelerate their growth.

Whether you’re in retail, an affiliate marketer, or make money through selling advice, content marketing’s the way to go. However, evidence on the ground shows that the majority of companies are not getting things right.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 9% of B2B companies are seeing real results from their content marketing efforts.

Clearly, something’s wrong. Companies are making costly blunders.

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Content Marketing And Affiliate Marketing – 2018 Edition

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Content Marketing is all about creating, publishing, marketing and distributing online material in order to subtly or overtly promote a business so that more interest is generated in that business’s products and services.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is performance-based whereby a business gives its affiliates a commission every time they generate a sale or other specified action for their product or service.

If you look at these two definitions side by side, you can easily see how content marketing can help affiliate marketers become quite successful. After all, a lot of the content you view online – is a result of affiliate marketers intelligently using content marketing.

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How To Conduct A Super Quick Content Gap Analysis To Elevate Your Brand

content gap analysis

Have you conducted a content gap analysis before?

Chances are, you don’t even know what I’m talking about. But stick around and I’ll show you how to go about it. It’ll make the difference in your content marketing efforts this year.

Whether you are a small business owner or a professional marketer, you know that the success of digital marketing relies on attracting the right customers to the right content at the right time to increase conversions.

The only way to get found online and drive qualified traffic to your site is by producing content that fills a content gap. This concept is the difference between what people are searching for and what people find online.