Google Panda Updates: How To Improve Your Blog’s Ranking In 30 Days

Were you affected by the the recent Google panda updates, a few months ago?
I’m here to show you how to come up again, strong and kicking.

The Google Panda updates came like a shock to so many website and blog owners.

It’s like an epidemic that scoured the whole of the internet erasing every unfriendly web page, and rewarding sites that took time to develop a community of quality works. Although some valuable sites were affected, their pagerank and overall site performance dropped, it’s vital to look ahead and position yours blog and websites for future updates.

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The Ultimate 7 Steps To Guest Posting – Guest Blogger’s Key

Guest posting has helped me in several ways.

I’m glad I discovered how to use this to my advantage and today, I want to reveal some shocking truths about guest posting.

There are 7 secrets that yields results. By results, I mean targeted traffic, quality backlinks and increase in pagerank.

So, in summary, guest posting helps you to:

  • – Get fresh targeted traffic
  • – Get quality backlinks easily
  • – Improve your Google Pagerank
  • – Increase Your RSS Subscribers
  • – Build your email list
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Case Study: 9 Essential Lessons I’ve Learned From Copyblogger in 2011

Does Brian Clark know about this post yet? Well, I can’t answer that question. I don’t care how much traffic I send to his awesome blog at

But one thing I know is this: In my 3 months of launching my blog, I’m already seeing results. Thanks to Brian Clark for his awesome content.

I’m a very observant person. When I first came online, the first blog I encountered from the search engine was copyblogger. And ever since, I have been following, commenting and learning. I tried a lot of times to get my guest post featured but I’m yet to break even – hopefully, by next year 2012.

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How To Increase Internet Traffic By Spying On Your Competitors

Have you always wanted to increase internet traffic for free?

This article can help you in priceless ways. I discovered the system I’m about to share with you a few weeks ago, implemented it on my blog and the got results.

My search engine organic traffic increased from 75 daily to about 253 daily. As I write this, the traffic to my blog is growing at the speed of inflation and I’m much delighted.

For those of you who have been following and reading my posts, you know pretty well that my blog is still young – barely 3 months old.

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10 Step List Building Strategies For Internet Marketers

How best do you invest your time on the internet?
If you ask me, the best profitable venture to invest your precious time in, is in building your email list of targeted prospects.

Once you capture their email addresses, the next step is to build a solid relationship with them.

But how do you build a list in the first place? Take it from me, conventional list building can be very slow.

You need to start focusing on the most important list building systems that experts use.

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How To R.A.N.K On Google Top 10 in 30 Days

Who says you can’t rank on Google Top 10, is there any proof that you can really achieve that result? Let me be very frank with you.

Gaining a top search engine position is not DIFFICULT.

Let’s take it slowly.

It is not D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T and I have everything to back it up in this post.

I’m I an SEO expert, off course I’m not and don’t even want to be considered as one. My joy is that several of my niche sites are ranking on #3 and #6 of Google’s homepage.

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