Analyzing 6 Greatest Headlines Worth Millions!

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Caution: This is not your typical headline formula post.

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of them already. The aim of this in-depth article is to show you some of the greatest headlines written by Jay Abraham, one of the greatest direct response copywriters.

And by looking at these magnetic headlines, you can create better ones for your blog posts, emails, Ad copy, videos, online courses, and so forth.

In fact, Jay's copy had generated in excess of $9,000,000,000 billion dollars in capital increase.

Some of the "headline formula" posts out there are good. But, majority are pure crap, which also puts you in dire confusion.

For one, you can’t really know which of these headlines are worth gold. 

Before you read on...

The headlines that you’ll see below have generated millions of dollars worth of leads and sales. In case you don’t know, one of the reasons why content marketers struggle to get their content read and shared isn’t because they don’t know what they’re talking about. Far from it.

On the contrary, I’ve found that content that’s hard to get access to, is usually the most valuable. I mean, they can be so valuable. 

Unfortunately, if your post headline is weak, people will look at it and not feel anything nudge on their inside. Before you promote your content, stop and ask yourself this question, “if my content appears in the midst of 15 others, will the headline inspire people to click?

”Which of the headlines on this page will you click on?

Quick tip: If any of the headlines in the image above pique (draw your attention) your mind and you can’t but click on it – when next you want to write your own content headline, model it.

UpWorthy, one of the popular entertainment sites advise their contributors to write 25 different headlines for each posts – before sending it over.

upworthy headline

If you’re like me, that’s too much work.

There are several aspect of building a successful business. One of such is creating content and mapping out proper distribution channels.

Sure, you can outsource content marketing program, but if it's connected to writing headlines, you had better learn how to do it.

You can just model one of the money-sucking headlines below from Jay Abraham (which have already generated millions of dollars worth of sales – and save yourself the stress of writing 25 unique headlines for a single post.


Let’s get started.

Headline #1: A Little Mistake That Cost a Farmer $3,000 a Year

Most people don't like to make mistakes.

And they can do anything to eliminate mistakes. Even if it comes to clicking on your headline. Jeff Bullas talked about 10 content marketing mistakes to avoid. There's another post at Optinmonster, by Mary Fernandez that identifies the common mistakes the content marketers make. 

See what I mean? People want to avoid making mistakes. That's why content creators capitalize on it.

Yes, the headline from above was aimed at farmers. But, content marketers are farmers too. How, you ask? Well, a farmer sows a seed and expects a harvest in a few months time.

In the same vein, when we create content to promote our business, we may not get immediate gains from it, but in the future – the content we poured our hearts into – that truly help the target audience can generate both targeted leads and increase revenue. 

When I first read the headline: "A Little Mistake That Cost a Farmer $3,000 a Year" , I was like…

“What was the mistake?” 

And this mistake was so powerful to cost a farmer $3,000. As a content marketer, you want to make more money, and not lose it.

Your target audience (whether B2B or B2C businesses) equally wants to save money, and not lose it. With this headline, you can create irresistible headlines for your post.

Here are some examples:

  • A Little Mistake That Cost a Social Media Coach $5,000 a Year
  • A Little Mistake That Cost a Blogger $1,000 in Lost Revenue

You’ve got to be creative. The possibilities are just endless.

Headline #2: The Secret of Making People Like You

Who doesn’t like to know a “secret?” According to Jay Abraham, almost $500,000 was spent to run ads displaying this headline.

And it’s generated hundreds of thousands of sales. It’s a pretty irresistible headline. I must confess.What comes to mind when you see the word “secret” appear in a blog post headline or copy? Are you actively adding this power word in your titles?

When it comes to sharing "secrets," don't go too far or try to create an entirely new idea. There is really no secret - except that your audience don't know it. Worse, they don't know how to implement it.

"So, if you just added 45 new subscribers to your list, that could be a secret. Go ahead and share it.​ At the end of the day, your audience will appreciate it and actually hold your secret close to their hearts."

Let’s say you’re in the SEO market, here are some unique headlines that will possibly hook your target audience:

  • The Secret of Optimizing a WordPress Page To Rank in Google Top 10
  • The Secret of On-page SEO That Agencies Have Been Hiding From You
  • The Secret of Building Authority Links To a New Blog

Headline #3: Advice To Wives Whose Husbands Don't Save Money - By a Woman


Although this headline style worked in the past, you should be creative when using it. You should try it out on a few posts first - to determine whether it works or not. Only then should you make a decision.

A few obvious elements make this headline catchy.

First, the advice is coming from a “woman” to “wives.” This triggers curiosity in wives’ minds. They want to know what this advice is. Because, they’re tired of their husband’s spending habit. The second element is the power word “advice.”

Although, most people don’t follow advice – but they love to hear it. Yes, the advice could have the potential to change their lives – but not implementing it is human nature. But, here’s the shocker:

People want advice. If you use the power word “advice in crafting your content headlines, you’ll not only get clicks – but your prospects will see you as an expert. Use this type of headline when your content topic is common to all your customers. When there is a common need. Here are some inspired headlines:

  • Advice To Wives Whose Husbands Don't Save Money - By a Woman
  • Advice To Entrepreneurs Whose Websites Don’t Convert – By An Entrepreneur
  • Advice To Freelance Writers Who Are Struggling To Get Clients – By A Freelance Writer
  • Advice To Content Marketers Whose Monthly Income is Below $10,000 – By A Content Marketer

The headline might be longer than you expect. If that’s the case, you may omit the second section (“by a freelance writer”). In general, shorter headlines that have less than 60 characters tend to rank better in the organic search results. They also make bigger impact.

Headline #4: Are You Ever Tongue-Tied At A Party?

It’s high time you capitalize on your customer’s pain points. Don’t be scared. Use what they’re experiencing to create the headline.

For example, if you know that majority of your prospective customers are earning less than $2,000 per month; you can use that as a point of contact. It’s the emotional-type headline.

It touches the heart. Again, this would work because it’s based on a question. You didn’t outright take advantage of anyone.

You’re simply asking a question – because you care, and would like to help. When your audience sees this kind of headline, they’ll pause and respond: “Yes” or “No.”

Let’s bring it home. No matter what topic you want to write about, let’s create some bitchin’ titles right now.

  • Are You Still Making Less Than $2,000 Per Month?
  • Are You Ever Tongue-Tied at Keyword Research?
  • Are You Ever Tongue-Tied with Building Your Email List?
  • Are You Ever Hindered By Facebook Ads Complexity?

To discover more ways to catch attention, you can check out these resources:

Headline #5: How a New Discovery Made a Plain Girl Beautiful

Overall, girls want to look beautiful. This headline copy was probably used to sell a skincare product. (I’m not too sure). But I know that it’s generated hundreds of dollars worth of sales.

Danielle Small curated some of the best blog post headline formula at Writtent. You can learn how to make yours compelling.

As expected, it’s a “how to” headline. And you know how much people love it. You can use this same headline style to produce engaging blog post, since 50% of B2B marketers can’t seem to figure it out.


As a content marketer, I’m constantly looking out for new “discoveries.” I want to make impact. I wish that I can produce content that my audience will forever benefit from. “Discovery” is a power word. We’re even emotionally attached to Discovery Cable Channels.

If you aren’t, I am! If you’ve tested a new case, and made a striking discovery, don’t keep it away from your target audience. Go ahead. Share it with them.

Quickly, here are some unique and clickable headlines with the power word “discovery:”

  • How a Discovery Led To 427% Landing Page Conversion Rate
  • How a Discovery Made a Startup Writer 6-Figure in 2015
  • How a Discovery Earned a New Blogger Over 3,000 Twitter Followers
  • How a Discovery Generated An Average Marketer 93,050 Visitors

Headline #6: How To Win Friends and Influence People

Anyone who hasn’t read or even heard of this bestselling book that has sold millions of copies of the same title is probably living under the rock.

Till date, thousands of copies of this book are sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other offline bookstores. Don’t just speed-read the headline and off you go. Model it. Truly, without the “How to” the headline doesn’t read well.“

Win Friends and Influence People.”

Create more content is truly not the solution. But optimizing your published post can get you better results. If you had thought that your readers don’t like your post, try changing the headline using this formula.

optimize post

Let’s say that I published a post with the title: “6 Steps To Get Influencers To Link To You,” at the surface, that’s a fabulous title. Now, let’s assume that after 1 week, I got 530 unique views. The the following week, nothing happened.

You might be tempted to give up. However, if you tweak the headline and make it a “how to,” especially with the style under review, you’ll most assuredly increase views.

Let’s see a couple headlines:

  • How To Win New Clients And Influence Them
  • How To Win Blog Readers And Influence Them
  • How To Win Twitter Followers And Influence Them
  • How To Win Job Interviews and Get Paid What You’re Worth

Over to you... 

"Headlines make or break you."

You can't really substitute content headline with any other thing. As you learn to produce persuasive ones, remember to back up every claim with actionable information. Don't use clickbait to get people in. 

As powerful as the headline is, the joy of sharing will not be sustained if the content itself is crap. 

That said, if you think that this post is worth sharing, please click the social share buttons below. To your content marketing success.