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7 Amazing Apps To Track Your Startup’s Online Reputation

If you’re a startup business, tracking your brand’s online reputation is vital to maintaining a trustworthy image. With plenty of places for people to leave feedback — be it positive comments, complaints, or simply customers getting in touch through social media – it can be tricky to stay on top of your company’s image online.

The advent of monitoring software and apps however means these issues can be resolved, keeping your brand image spotless. Below are seven of our favorite apps to track your startup’s online reputation.


ReviewTrackers is a key piece of software for startups looking to track reviews online.

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Grow Your Organic CTR by up to 300%, in 3 Easy Steps

We all know the unwritten rule of the internet: if it’s not on the first page of Google search, it doesn’t exist. In fact, 95% of searchers won’t go further than page 1 on Google. That leaves only 5% of traffic to all the websites that didn’t make it to the top 10 search results.

Yet, ranking high on Google search doesn’t necessarily mean that people will click your link.

We at Chanty have been through a lot trying to build our SaaS startup from scratch (and getting it in front of the prospective customers) for the last couple of years. So, we know a thing or two about digital marketing and, especially, SEO.

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13 Tips on How to Promote Your Content on Instagram

Instagram marketing

Challenging the bad omen that number 13 brings, these hand-picked tips are definitely dead serious. Adding up or reducing the number is not an option if these 13 tips are really what it takes for you to consider using Instagram as a marketing strategy in promoting the contents of your blog.

1. Fill in excellent and strikingly important content.

Picture your specific audience and make specific goals on how to influence them on things you want them to do. Plan everything. Think out of the box but remain in the box. Meaning, try to make your content unique and engaging but doesn’t wander aimlessly far from your real objective.

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20 Tips for Hiring a Freelance SEO Specialist

Freelance SEO Specialist

In this article, we’ll share 20 expert tips for hiring a freelance search engine optimization (SEO) Specialist to help increase traffic to your business website or blog. These tips range from what to look for, where to find it, how to hire for it, and what you can expect to pay.

SEO Specialist pay rates vary greatly. What they charge depends largely on the work they do. Below are average rates charged by mid-level freelancers in the U.S., based on the type of freelance SEO projects they’re hired to do.


Sample SEO Specialist rates for US based freelancers

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5 Ways Technology Changed Content Marketing

interactive content

Content is king. But if you’re only worried about getting words on the page, you are overlooking major elements to supplement those words.

Technology and other forms media are helping to revamp ineffective content into incredibly engaging content for your readers and customers. By and large, technology has accelerated content marketing in that it helps generate more leads, website traffic, and therefore sales.

Without certain technologies to boost content with key aspects of reader engagement, content falls flat and your efforts are wasted, rather than focusing it elsewhere.   

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5 Content Marketing Strategies to Leverage When Your Content Fails

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What if your content doesn’t pan out as expected? Is there anything you can do about it?

You can bet on that. Several studies have shown that 9% of companies believe that their content is very effective in driving the marketing efforts. While 41% believe that the content helps them moderately, only 1% say content marketing is not at all effective!

It is evident that the content is a crucial factor in marketing and growing the business.

But what if all the efforts fail? Are there any strategies that an organization can follow to gain the traction again? Yes, surely there are some content marketing maneuvers you can try which we will discuss in this post.